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Metro's Design

Improving User Confidence Through Clothing

Our Design Concept

Our design philosophy is to achieve the functionality of clothing through the most simple and functional design. We pay attention to both detail and texture of materials to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and practicality, so that customers feel comfortable and enhance their confidence in wearing.

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Advantages Of Designers

With more than 10 years of design experience and professional skills, they are creative and innovative, able to inject new inspiration and vitality into products according to customer needs and market trends, while maintaining a high level of design quality and professional standards.

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3D modeling Design

3D technology can help apparel designers create apparel designs in a virtual environment and quickly generate 3D samples. With 3D design, it is possible to try out different design options more quickly, reducing the time and cost of the traditional sample development process.

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dress Manufacturer

Design PhilosophyNature and Sustainability

Her designs are inspired by nature and she likes to use eco-friendly materials and craftsmanship to create sustainable dresses. Her designs are simple and generous, focusing on the textures and colors of the materials, but also on comfort and functionality. Her designs emphasize the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, making women more conscious of environmental protection and sustainability.

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Design PhilosophyIndividuality and Freedom

Her designs are inspired by different cultures and styles, and she likes to combine traditional elements with modern ones to create dresses full of personality and freedom. Her designs are diverse, focusing on the expressiveness of colors and patterns, as well as on cut and detailing. Her designs emphasize individuality and freedom of expression, allowing women to focus more on self-expression and independent thinking.

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Your Own Design

Custom Design

We can customize unique clothing designs according to your requirements and preferences. We will have in-depth communication and understanding with you to ensure that the final design meets your expectations and needs.

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dress Manufacturer

Your Own Design

Seasonal Design

We can provide you with seasonal design services, such as spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing design. We will design the most appropriate clothing styles and fabrics according to the fashion trends and needs of the season.

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Your Own Design

Themed Design

We can provide you with themed design services, such as wedding, dinner party, dance party and other occasions of costume design. We will discuss the theme, occasion and preferences with you in depth to design the most suitable clothing styles and fabrics.

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Your Own Design

Brand Design

We can provide customers with brand design services, including brand logo, VI design, store design, etc. We will design the most attractive and recognizable brand image and visual form according to customers' brand characteristics and market demand.

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Mertro's Design

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