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The core factor affecting price is undoubtedly the cost of raw materials
but did you know?

The choice of large quantities of custom not only can get more uniform, personalized products, but also in the price to enjoy the unexpected benefits!
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In terms of fabrics, we give high-volume custom customers adhere to the selection of high-quality, environmentally friendly based on the most affordable materials to ensure the comfort and durability of the product.

Here are the specific factors that affect the price


  • Cotton, linen, polyester, chiffon, wool, lace and so on, each of which is different, determining the price is also different


  • If the garment with special design, unique pattern, etc., these will increase the production cost


  • The various crafts such as embroidery, printing, embossing, ironing, washing, hanging dyeing, etc. all will increase the cost of the clothes.


  • ordinary zippers, YKK zippers, and specially customized zippers, these factors will affect the price.


  • The amount of fabric used is determined by the measurement of the size, the larger the size, the more fabric will be required, then the higher the price.


  • 100pcs,300pcs,500pcs,1000pcs or more, each quantity class has different price, the more orders you place, the price will be relatively lower!

How important it is to choose the right raw materials in the marketplace

What's the biggest concern as a customer?

With the development of the economy, people's demand for clothing has also changed
Pursuit of Comfort

As income levels rise, people are more inclined to choose comfortable clothing, not only in terms of tactile comfort, but also in terms of good breathability while wearing

Pursuing High Quality

The booming economy has allowed people to think more about the quality of their clothing, and they are more inclined to buy durable, long-lasting clothing to ensure the long-term value of their investment

Pursuit of Fashion

As the standard of living rises, people pay more and more attention to fashion. They are willing to spend more time and energy to learn about the latest fashion trends and buy fashionable clothes that match their personal taste

Focus on branding and design

As economic conditions improve, people are more able to afford to buy clothing from well-known brands or designer labels, as these brands usually offer high-quality materials and design, which meets their demand for quality

Focus on environmental protection and sustainability

As society progresses, people are becoming more aware of environmental protection and sustainability, which makes more and more people willing to choose those fashionable clothes made of environmentally friendly materials


As the economy grows, people are paying more attention to comfort, quality, fashion, and sustainability when purchasing clothing. This also reflects people's improved quality of life and increased awareness of environmental protection

How important it is to choose the right raw materials in the marketplace

And what are the biggest concerns as a businessman?

Market positioning

High-end market, mid-range market, low-end market, three market positioning, choose their own market, in order to understand their own crowd, so as to pricing according to different crowd

Brand awareness

If your brand has high visibility or a unique value proposition in the marketplace, this may allow you to price your product higher

Customer Feedback

Customers can comment on the quality, comfort, after-sales service and whether it matches the display on the website or in the physical store to find out if they are satisfied with the product

Customer's preference

Customers will express their preference for the clothes through the feeling of wearing the clothes, the design of the pattern and the style of the clothes, if the fabric of the clothes is soft and comfortable and fits well, customers will be more willing to choose and like the clothes

Repurchase rate

If customers feel that the clothes are of excellent quality and durable after the first purchase, they are more likely to choose to buy the same brand or type of clothing again

Trust level

Customers will assess their trust in a merchant by whether the clothes they buy are of the expected quality and quantity, and they will trust the merchant more if the clothes are of high quality and acceptable

Trustworthy Metrodress Manufacturer

Choose a manufacturer that knows how to meet your needs

That's why choosing a manufacturer that knows how to meet your needs and can provide excellent sales programs is crucial to the later development of your brand. Such a manufacturer can ensure product quality and improve customer satisfaction, thus laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the brand.

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