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Metro Story

Since its establishment in 2002, Metro Clothing has provided OEM manufacturing for internationally renowned clothing brands. Our clothing categories include menswear, streetwear, men's and women's casual wear, and lightweight, fashionable dresses for women.

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From Australia to the family factory

30 years of clothing heritage.

Come hear the story of two generations at Metro Apparel

CEO of Metro
Maisie Zheng

After completing my studies in Australia, I returned to my family's clothing factory and devoted myself to serving women's clothing brand clients. We specialize in providing comprehensive support to well-known brands, designers, and start-up brands. In addition to professional clothing manufacturing, we also offer customized design and sample production to meet various brand needs. With a sound supply chain, strong production capacity, and strict quality management system, we are committed to becoming a solid partner for our clients' brand development.

A Family Legacy of Quality and Creativity

In 2002, my parents founded metro Apparel Factory, focusing on providing OEM manufacturing services to international well-known brands. Metro has always pursued strictness and high quality, with business covering menswear, streetwear, casual clothing, and women's light and fashionable dresses. Growing up in this creative and energetic environment, I witnessed Metro's rise firsthand.During my studies in Australia, I specialized in fashion design and developed a strong interest in dresses. I firmly believe that dresses are the best interpretation of women's charm, showcasing elegance, intellect, personality, and confidence. I hope to combine overseas design concepts with the rich manufacturing experience of my family, to create unique and personalized dresses for every woman.

Customized Dresses and Collaborations with Emerging Brands

Since 2015, we have been collaborating with creative designers and emerging brands. Although their orders are relatively small, their requirements for clothing quality are not diminished. As a manufacturer specializing in custom-made dresses, Metro is committed to providing excellent customized services for women's clothing brand customers. Whether it's a mature brand or an emerging brand, Metro is dedicated to helping your women's clothing brand succeed. Our design team constantly explores innovative elements, using high-quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, to make your products loved by many women.

Dresses are an essential item in every woman's wardrobe, witnessing important moments such as weddings, graduations, and birthday parties, carrying the joy and emotions of precious memories. As a symbol of women's charm, dresses showcase women's elegance, intellect, personality, and confidence. In this diverse era, Metro dress creates various styles of dresses, including simple, elegant, sweet, and sexy, through innovative fabrics, technology, design, and cutting. This allows women to express themselves and show their unique charm and personality.

Chairman of Metro

Working Together Towards Success

I feel fortunate that my daughter can join my business. Young people always have a better understanding of fashion design than us. This allows me to focus on production management while my daughter's ideas about clothing are implemented one by one.

Since 1992, our family has been engaged in the apparel industry, specializing in large-scale clothing manufacturing with over 30 years of professional knowledge. We handle the entire supply chain process, from sourcing fabrics and accessories to producing samples, developing brands through logo additions, mass apparel production, packaging, quality control inspection, and product delivery.

Our 30 years of dedication in the apparel industry has not only helped many clothing brands succeed, but also built a team that has been with us every step of the way, which is the company's greatest asset.

Strive for excellence instead of size, to create a century-old Metro
After two generations of hard work, Metro has become a well-known brand in the clothing industry. My dream is for people all over the world to wear clothes produced by Metro in the future. Even if I can't achieve this dream, I believe my children will continue to strive for it, inheriting our family traditions, building a century-old enterprise, and creating a new era of brilliance.

Why Metro

What Keeps Our Business Thriving?

Strong Design Team

  • Collaborate with fashion designers from around the world to create popular styles that follow the latest trends.
  • Deliver 100 new styles every month.
  • Utilize 3D design to meet customers' needs.
  • Offer innovative and unique design solutions.

Strong and Stable Sales Team

  • With 10 years of experience in the fashion industry
  • Responds within 30 minutes, available 24/7
  • Provides one-on-one service and offers tailored solutions

Strong Production Team

  • Equipped with advanced intelligent equipment, ensuring high-quality production efficiency.
  • Continuously exploring new technologies and market trends, able to maintain competitive advantages.
  • Experienced team, emphasizing optimization and improvement of production processes, ensuring stable product quality and reducing defect rates.

Why Metro

One Stop Solution

Customization service

We provide personalized dress custom service


Long-term cooperation with logistics companies for fast delivery, real-time tracking, and ensuring the safety of goods


Provide fabric procurement service to provide customers with high-quality fabric to ensure clothing quality meets standards


Provide quality control service to ensure that the produced clothing meets the required standards

Design and sell proposals

Provide design and sales solutions for customers

After-sales service

24-hour online after-sales service for quick response and attentive service.

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Middle And High-End Fabrics
Quality Assurance
20 Years Experience