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Fashion Ladies Dress Custom Manufacturer

Here ,you can customize dresses in a variety of styles

Fashion Ladies Dress Custom Manufacturer


From design to production, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality and service.

Fashion Ladies Dress Custom Manufacturer


We have been committed to the custom clothing industry for 20 years, leading the fashion trend.

Fashion Ladies Dress Custom Manufacturer


Here. You can find the clothing you need for any occasion


What Can We Provide

OEM Dresses for Your Women's Fashion Clothing Brand!

Metrodress is a women's clothing manufacturer that specializes in large-scale customization services. We create unique clothing for women who value the origin of their garments and are committed to reducing waste. Our designs are tailored to your brand's tone and are truly one-of-a-kind. Our focus is on promoting sustainability and inclusivity in the mainstream fashion industry. We provide a sense of ceremony and strive to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. We support your brand's growth and development while bringing a conscious approach to fashion.

What Can We Do

Custom Dresses Manufacturer for Your Brand

Professional Design

We work with fashion designers worldwide to regularly update our product catalog with new releases. Our team also offers expert advice to help you find the perfect fashion brand for your needs.

Custom Size

We offer professional sizing customization services that cater to your individual needs, whether you require smaller or larger sizes. With our first-rate sizing designers and manufacturing processes, we can create custom sizing that perfectly matches your body measurements and shape, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Custom Hang Tag

Custom hang tags to showcase your brand's personality! Make your products stand out and give your brand a unique identity! We offer professional customization services for hang tags, and can fulfill any requirements you may have regarding shape, color, and material.

Custom Logo Craft

Customize your own unique brand logo to showcase your brand's value! We offer professional logo customization services that cater to your individual needs and brand characteristics.

Custom Packing

Make your products stand out with custom packaging! We offer professional packaging customization services that design unique packaging according to your brand image and product characteristics.

Fabric Option

Create personalized clothing with our professional fabric customization service! We have a top-notch design team and production process that can customize fabrics of various materials and textures according to your needs and requirements.

Who Are Metrodress

Designing and Manufacturing Women's Casual Fashion for 20 Years

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of professional dresses? Look no further than MetroDress! We specialize in creating private label and custom dresses for your brand.

With 20 years of experience, we are able to maintain high-quality standards and competitive pricing for our valued customers worldwide.

Our primary focus is on creating fashionable and casual women's clothing, including slip dresses, floral dresses, and bustier dresses, among other styles.

Whether you're in need of a specific style or have unique design requirements, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Trust us to provide high-quality dresses that will make your brand stand out. Choose MetroDress for all your professional dress needs.

Why Chooes Metrodress?

Our Dress Process Evolves to Keep You On-Trend

Craftsmanship is Our Advantage in Clothing Customization. We Strive to Improve Production Efficiency and Explore Innovative Methods to Ensure Our Products Remain High-Quality and Competitive.



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Label Sewing

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See What Our Customers Say

Helped Over 300 Women's Fashion Clothing Brands Achieve Success

Customer Review for a Women's Dress Brand


I used to rely on dropshipping, but now I have my own studio, and I'm pleased to be working with Metro as my supplier. Their commitment to providing me with innovative sales solutions has enabled me to consistently improve the performance of my store. However, the most significant factor contributing to my success has been the superior quality of Metro's products, which has earned me consistently positive reviews from my customers and helped me maintain a high store rating.

Customer Review for a Women's Dress Brand


I'm a college designer and I've been working with Metro since my junior year. When I first customized clothes, I didn't know what styles I wanted to take. At that time, under the guidance and recommendation of Merto, a skirt with a segmented fabric was customized, and unexpectedly, this skirt was the most popular. Metro also gave me free samples and I've been working with Metro ever since, and now I've set up my own brand.

Customer Review for a Women's Dress Brand


I am a freelancer and have been working with Metro for 8 years. I approached Metro when I came up with the idea of "making light dresses" and they offered me a lot of solutions. No matter the choices of fabrics,cutting of the dresses or the styles of the zipper, etc.They were detailed and completed plans, so professional. Now the dresses in my store are very popular with customers!

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20 Years Experience
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