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Metro Has Prepared Dress Styles For You In Various Scenes

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Metro Styles

Different Scenes Wear Different Clothes

Prom Dresses

We bring you the most fashionable,newest and hottest styles to put you in the spotlight at the prom

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Business Dresses

Exquisite details create the perfect professional image

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Sexy Dresses

Enjoy the charm and enthusiasm of the party

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Casual Dresses

Create a relaxed and stylish attitude to life

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Mertro Fabrics

We can recommend the right dresses and fabrics for each occasion to make
you the most unique and special one!

Metro Fabrics

Dress In Satin Fabric

It's a smooth, glossy fabric that I would recommend if you need one that can be used for high-end dinner parties, as it is light and soft and makes you look very elegant.

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Metro Fabrics

Dress In Lace Fabric

It is a delicate, soft fabric with exquisite patterns and patterns capable of showing romance and elegance to the garment. If you choose a dating theme, wear a lace dress and you will be the most elegant and romantic person in the venue.

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Metro Fabrics

Dress In Beaded Fabric

It comes in a variety of colors and soft fabrics, and is a luxurious and unique design. If you want to be at the prom, I would recommend this beaded gown to make you the brightest person at the prom.

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Metro Fabrics

Dress In Cotton And Linen Fabric

It is a soft, breathable and comfortable fabric. If you're traveling in the summer, I recommend this dress in cotton and linen, which allows you to enjoy comfort without losing your sense of style.

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Metro Dress Craft

We Can Create Exquisite Dresses For You

A good dress depends on careful craftsmanship, so that every detail reflects quality. It makes you feel more confident and radiant in every important occasion.

We can customize the craft you want according to your needs, such as embroidery, printing, embossing, washing water, ironing drill, etc. If you are not sure what kind of craft you want, we have professional designers to customize the craft suitable for your dress.

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Every detail has been carefully crafted, every stitch contains our pursuit of beauty

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Tatami Embroidery

The number of needles is fine and the stitch is unique.

The embroidery is composed of single needles arranged in a special way. The stitches are interlocked and the stitches are smooth and delicate

Delicate embroidery with minimalist dress, exudes a high fashion sense.

Craft type:Embroidery

Supported colors:All colors

Suitable pattern:large area or irregular pattern

Needle Embroidery

Fashion minimalist sense of sophistication.

Wide stitches with slow leaf lines outline the dynamic geometric lines, giving the embroidery a unique sense of line and three-dimensional.

Simple embroidery, delicate stitching, permeated with a relaxed trend of the atmosphere.

Craft type:Embroidery

Supported colors:All colors

Suitable pattern:letter logo and other fine graphics

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