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Do you support the sample?

Do you support the sample?

Update Time:2023/5/4

As we all know, every good batch of product comes from a sample. Customers will also customize a sample to test the quality of the company's products. Our company also supports the customer to customize a sample first, so that the customer can test our quality first. If the quality is OK, then the mass goods will be placed. In addition, each customer has different needs. We have professional fashion designers who can help customers design the style they want and then make samples. If there is anything that needs to be modified, we can timely make modifications and communicate with them. Some customers want to know how much the unit price of a piece of mass goods is. Only after the sample is made, can we figure out how much the unit price of a piece of clothing is, and then give a specific quotation to the customer. Our sample time varies according to the needs of customers and the technology used, so the production time is also different. It takes about 7-21 days. You are welcome to contact us

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