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  • leisure time.
    leisure time.
    An afternoon tea not only provides a pleasant leisure time for the team, but also promotes team.
    Apr 29,2024
  • Why Choose Metrodress?
    Why Choose Metrodress?
    Trust Metrodress' veteran customisation, superior quality and unique personality to create your own fashionable look.MOQ 50 pcs.
    Apr 24,2024
  • Afternoon Sweet Time
    Afternoon Sweet Time
    Our company has always regarded our employees as the most valuable asset, and is committed to providing them with a full range of benefits and care, demonstrating a unique corporate charm.
    Mar 25,2024
  • Magic Show
    Magic Show
    Fashion never stops, cooperation never ends. Let's work hand in hand to create a new world of fashion!
    Mar 14,2024
  • 3.8 Women's Day
    3.8 Women's Day
    On this special day, we pay high tribute and extend our deepest blessings to women around the world!
    Mar 8,2024
  • Notice of commencement of work
    Notice of commencement of work
    We sincerely thank you for your support and trust in our company.
    Feb 23,2024
  • Chinese New Years Holiday Notice
    Chinese New Years Holiday Notice
    Chinese New Years Holiday Notice: We Are Always Here for You
    Jan 31,2024
  • happy Christmas
    happy Christmas
    The bells of Christmas have already rung, and we are ushering in this warm and festive time. In this special season, we would like to express our most sincere wishes and gratitude to you.
    Jan 5,2024
  • We are friends and partners
    We are friends and partners
    We are friends and partners.

    Jun 6,2023
  • The China Import and Export Fair
    The China Import and Export Fair
    The China Import and Export Fair,Apparel manufacturers from around the world have gathered in the city for an international trade fair to market their latest fashion designs and product lines.

    May 10,2023
  • Best Dress Fabric
    Best Dress Fabric
    The best dress fabrics include several popular cotton materials such as poplin or even corduroy and denim. For flowy dresses, nylon, polyester tulle or linen are all good choices. For formal dresses, silk, satin and velvet will look more luxurious.

    Oct 8,2022

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